This list is a non-exhaustive list of content warnings. Please note that we are including a wide array of content warnings for each film, even if some warnings are not central themes in the film. The festival is an inclusive safe-space and we acknowledge that many of these films can/will affect each person differently. Please feel free to contact any of the festival organizers with questions via email:


Lo Sum Choe Sum: This film addresses or alludes to sexual violence against women and/or children, sex work, prison, trauma, disassociation and mental health issues.

Doubles With Slight Pepper: This film addresses health issues, abandonment, casteism, and classism.

Valley of Saints: This film addresses or displays issues of war, occupation, related violence, death and abandonment. 


Placebo: This film addresses issues of mental health, anxiety, self-harm, suicide, isolation, abandonment, and drug use

The World Before Her: This film addresses issues of body image, sizeism, colorism, various forms of sexism and both physical and emotional violence, in particular towards women. 

Red Monsoon: This film addresses or displays issues related to infidelity, relationship trauma, violence, physical and emotional abuse, .

Hyphen-American: This film addresses issues of mental health and xenophobia/racism. 

Cry Out Loud: This film addresses xenophobia, anti-blackness, mental health issues. 

Udhao: This film displays various forms of violence related to political corruption, domestic violence, emotional manipulation, blackmailing, and death.  

Appaal: This film addresses body image issues and body dysphoria. 

Mardistan: This film addresses toxic masculinity, catcalling/street harassment, violence against women, body issues, homophobia, body image.

Lyari Notes: This film addresses war, restricted access to resources for women, other sexism, strong/explicit language, and includes flashing lights (at approximately 26 minutes). 

Lahore Landing: This film addresses war, sexism, acts of terrorism and death/murder (in particular the Peshawar school massacre of 2014).