Hariprasad Kowtha

has dedicated his life to performance as a vector of identity and resistance. He sang bhajans with the South Asian community in Phoenix, Arizona, practiced Carnatic vocals and performed Bharathanatyam.  Hariprasad currently teaches yoga, meditation and movement at the Ahimsa House and at a Project Home facility in North Philadelphia with Sheltered Yoga. He also designs curriculum for Philadelphia Theater of the Oppressed and co-facilitated T.O. Philly's "Unpacking Race" workshop.  Hariprasad is part of the Philadelphia South Asian Collective and is editing a literary and arts zine of South Asian authors and artists.

Natasha Cohen-Carroll

is a photographer and documentary filmmaker, whose work focuses on culture,  social change, and community history. Growing up in France, she remembers staying up late as a kid to catch the late night showings of foreign films in their original (non-dubbed) format. Natasha has worked in Ahmedabad, India several times over the past few years, namely with Darpana, a performing arts academy that uses art for social change. There, she taught photography and theater, helped film a documentary on rural community leaders in Kutch and worked closely with the organizers of the Cinema of Resistance Film Festival in 2014. She currently is a part of the XAVA film collective and has worked on film projects with various organizations, such as Asian Arts Initiative, The Center for Returning Citizens,and the Philadelphia Department of Public Health.


Fatimah Cassim Madha

is a poet and scholar whose queer Burmese-Pakistani immigrant Muslim identities form the foundation and understanding for both the academic and community work she engages in. Her thesis was on the history of gender and sexual diversity in South Asian and Arab Muslim communities outside our traditional understanding of the colonial cishetero binary. 
Fatimah works with QSpot and Out-For-Stem, queer youth organizations in Philadelphia that center Black and brown youth. She is also involved with the Philadelphia South Asian Collective, and a Women of Colour collective that is centered on decolonial practices, restorative justice, and supporting women-led community based organizing.